HLPF: National Statement

National Statement at the Opening of the High-level Segment of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), 17 July 2023.

The Statement was delivered by the Norwegian Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Sigbjørn Gjelsvik.

The 2030 Agenda is in a deep crisis. It is still possible to deliver on our promises, but the time for ambitious leadership is now.

Norway therefore looks forward to the SDG Summit in September, and a meeting that can unlock the potential for advancing the 2030-agenda as speedily as possible.

We all need this meeting.

Even if Norway scores well on the sustainable development indexes, we have high levels of material consumption and large greenhouse gas emissions. Our main challenge is therefore to achieve a green transition, strengthen our welfare state and simultaneously reduce our emissions and our consumption.

Developing countries are disproportionally affected by the many global crises we are facing. At the same time, they have the potential for rapid progress if the right public and private investments are done - in poverty reduction, health, education, food systems, climate, energy and so on. Norway supports these efforts.

For us all to succeed in achieving our goals, joint efforts and effective partnerships are more important than ever.

We need money, people and coherent policies working together across the different levels of government. Both domestic and foreign resources must be mobilized. The success of us all requires that we take our shared responsibility seriously. That we work together as an international community. That we work together as partners.

Working together requires trust and a spirit of good faith in each other. But trust is currently being challenged. A further deterioration of the global political climate can threaten multilateral and international cooperation.

This must be addressed. In difficult times we should have more cooperation, not less.

Our mutual success requires a respect for human rights for all. Gender equality must be part and parcel of any effort. We must involve youth both in policymaking and implementation.

Youth are here today, they are many - and they must have real influence.

We must keep in mind that a sustainable development for all, is something we all still agree  on, no matter other disagreements.

So, for the summit in September, I hope that we can come together with a renewed spirit of genuine cooperation, so that we can make sure that the 2030-agenda can have a fair chance.

Thank you.