GA: Explanation of vote

Explanation of vote by Permanent Representative of Norway, Ambassador Merete Fjeld Brattested, after adoption of resolution in the UN General Assembly Emergency Special Session on Gaza, on 27 October 2023.


Norway voted in favour of the resolution. We commend  the Arab Group for its efforts to act in good faith and search for a compromise on some of the most sensitive issues.    

We would like to highlight two important elements  that we wanted to  have included in the resolution: 

First, Norway voted in favour of the amendment proposal introduced by Canada. We regret that the amendment was not adopted as part of the resolution. Norway has unequivocally and strongly condemned the terror attacks by Hamas in Israel on 7 October 2023. We have also condemned the taking of hostages and demand their immediate and unconditional release. 

Second, we would like to reiterate that Israel has a right to defend itself against  armed attacks by Hamas. We emphasize in this regard that self-defense measures must be necessary and proportionate.  

Despite these shortcomings Norway decided to vote in favour of the resolution in its entirety. This decision has been made, in light of the gravity of the situation on the ground, in particular regarding the humanitarian catastrophe we see evolving in Gaza, as well as the importance of advancing a joint international message at this critical juncture. 

Thank you.