GA: UNCOPS 2022 National Statement

Statement by Norwegian National Police Commissioner Benedicte Bjørnland at the third annual UN Chiefs of Police Summit, 1 September 2022.

Performance is a collective effort involving Troop and Police Contributing Countries (T/PCCs), Host States, and the Secretariat. As a PCC, Norway is striving to do our part – providing highly qualified and motivated personnel that are ready to operate in demanding circumstances.

Norway supports the emphasis on performance and accountability in Action for Peacekeeping Plus – underlining accountability both to and of peacekeepers.

We appreciate the availability of tools that enable the holistic evaluation of performance, including the Comprehensive Performance and Assessment System (CPAS) and the Action for Peacekeeping plus (A4P+) monitoring framework.  

We would also like to thank the Secretariat for recently sharing the revised Integrated Peacekeeping Performance and Accountability Framework (IPPAF). Norway welcomes the continued implementation of the framework and its revisions in line with A4P+, and are regularly reminded of the relevance of each of the plan’s seven priority areas.

Having said that, Norway attaches particular importance to the full, equal, and meaningful participation of women, which we believe is a crucial factor that contributes positively to peacekeeping performance. That is why we consistently deploy highly qualified police women – comprising approximately 35% of our national contributions – and also support a UN-led initiative to train female officers of other PCCs for UN service.

While recognizing the transformative effect of gender balance on the success of peacekeeping operations, we are at the same time committed to delivering high quality peacekeepers regardless of gender.

We acknowledge the increasing number of women peacekeepers, owing to efforts both by member states and the Secretariat. The work being done by the Department of Peace Operations to reach gender parity in UN Police leadership is especially commendable. Combined, this work represents a key step towards enhancing peacekeeping performance.