GA: Financing for Peacebuilding

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Odd-Inge Kvalheim in the High Level Meeting on Financing for Peacebuilding, 27 April 2022.

I wish to begin by reiterating Norway’s support for the work of the United Nations in in peacebuilding and sustaining peace, and by underlining the importance of this high-level meeting.

While the necessity of sustaining peace cannot be overstated, we must also bear in mind that peacebuilding and conflict prevention do not take place in a vacuum.

There is need for holistic and integrated implementation at country level, where peace efforts are seen in relation to UN development reform, the Resident Coordinator system, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Norway has been a firm supporter of The United Nations Peacebuilding Fund since it was established in 2006.

The Fund remains highly relevant in times of ever-increasing demand for peacebuilding financing. In 2020, Norway entered into a 5 year agreement totalling 500 millioner Norwegian kroner – and we are today pleased to announce that this years contribution, 100 million Norwegian kroner (approx USD 11 million), is being transferred as we speak.

Multi-year agreements provide the predictability and sustainability for the Fund, and we strongly encourage other donors to follow suit.

To meet the demand for peacebuilding financing, we must be willing to explore innovative financing options, including assessed contributions.

Norway is proud to supports expertise in innovative financing at the PBSO. We are pleased to learn that the effort is bearing fruits, for instance through expanding the portfolio of PBF projects that involve partnerships with the private sector, such as the PBF’s pilot blended finance project in Colombia.

Norway has consistently advocated for a more gender-balanced approach to peace and security work, and for women’s full, equal and meaningful participation.

We are pleased to see how the PBSO and the PBF continue to develop gender marking, and urge that member states accelerate efforts to attain and surpass the Secretary-General’s 15 per cent gender marker for financing of peacebuilding approaches that promote gender equality.

Dear colleagues,

We need action on the matters discussed here today. We therefore call for a negotiated resolution as action-oriented outcome of this high-level meeting, which may serve to improve the predictability and sustainability of peacebuilding financing.