GA: National Statement to COSP CRPD

Statement by State Secretary Gry Haugsbakken in the General Debate of the 15th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 14. June 2022.

We stand in full solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The attack is a severe breach of international law, including the UN Charter. The atrocities in Ukraine have shown us, once again, that persons with disabilities are especially vulnerable when facing a disaster.

The Norwegian Government’s policy for persons with disabilities is based on equality. Full equality. UNCRPD provides an important framework for our work to ensure equal rights and opportunities.

Work is the cornerstone for both the possibility to contribute, and to be a part of society. For most people it is also the way to economic freedom. If you don't have economic freedom, you are not fully free. Improving the lives of persons with disabilities will have a significant impact for individuals, but also for society at large. 

CRPD is essential for ensuring equal rights and opportunities. Norway is currently working to incorporate the convention into Norwegian law.

Universal design is crucial for equal participation. Accessibility is good for everyone, and at some point, we will all benefit from it. We must work together, so that the way we construct our physical environment doesn’t exclude a big part of the population.

This year Norway, together with Ghana and the International Disability Alliance hosted the second Global Disability Summit. Our vision was Promoting Equality: Lasting Change for Persons with Disabilities through Joint Action. Norway is committed to work for strengthened inclusion both nationally and internationally

During the summit, over 1 400 commitments were made by representatives from all stakeholder groups. All regions of the world were represented, and 44 states made commitments. Together we must push the world to be more inclusive for persons with disabilities.

All societies need all its resources, and all humans should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Therefore, social and economic development must be disability inclusive.