GA: Ministerial roundtable HLPF2022

Statement delivered by Deputy Minister of International Development Bjørg Sandkjær at the HLPF2022 Minsterial Roundtable 14 July 2022.

In February 2022 we were all preoccupied addressing the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating consequences.

My government and others, were ramping up efforts to address the pandemic, the climate crisis as well as the threat of global food insecurity. We saw the need for more sustainable development both on land and at sea. Growing debt and a looming inflation were increasing the chance of a devastating global recession. We also knew that addressing inequality and gender discrimination had to be at the center og our efforts.

Russia's attack on the Ukraine, in breach of the UN Charter, has worsened this situation. The direct and indirect consequences of the war, has repercussion all across the 2030-agenda.

As leaders, we need to work in partnership. With rising costs and budgets under pressure everywhere, this is absolutely necessary.

Ukraine and its neighboring countries are in need of immediate and large scale humanitarian support. The rebuilding of Ukraine will require considerable resources. Although we attempt to not drain our development budgets, the effect of the war is spreading. We must safeguard our efforts.

This includes food security. Immediate and increased action is required to alleviate hunger. We are far away from reaching SDG2. We must continue our efforts to transform global food systems, making them sustainable, green and climate based.

As we seek to build back better we must provide the promised climate support to developing countries, including support to climate adapted food production.

We – the global community – have committed to leaving no one behind. We must secure inclusive solutions that responds to these interconnected crises.

The alternative is an even more unstable world.

Rising food prices and unemployment drive instability and conflict and puts our systems of governance under pressure. How will we all respond to the current cost-of-livelihood crisis?

Therefore, as leaders and in partnership, we must get the 2030-Agenda back on track.

Thank you