GA: Strengthening of the UN system

Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Odd-Inge Kvalheim on the Enlargement of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), 14 January 2020.

| General Assembly


Norway places strong emphasis on the importance of a well-functioning ACABQ. We recognize their crucial role in providing advice to the General Assembly.

We are, therefore, always open to consider proposals - including on adjustments to the membership - which may enhance the work of ACABQ.

Norway is a consistent supporter of stronger participation by developing states in the United Nations. Consequently, we viewed the proposal by Palestine on behalf of G77 & China positively.

We do however have sincere concerns about the process.

Norway is concerned about the precedence created by a Plenary decision on this matter.

We believe that issues related to the functioning of the ACABQ - including membership - should have been discussed in the consensus-driven Fifth Committee.

This would have allowed a more thorough discussion of the issue. And increased the chances of achieving a compromise proposal adopted by consensus.

Our vote should therefore not in any way be interpreted as a signal of Norway’ recognition of the path being taken by the proponent on this particular issue. But rather a voice of support for an ACABQ that reflects the sizes of the various geographical groups in the United Nations.

Thank you.