GA: The situation in the Middle East

Explanation of Vote given by Ambassador Tore Hattrem on the resolution Activities of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, 6 December 2018.

| General Assembly

Thank you Madam President,

Norway voted in favour of this resolution. However, we would also like to give an explanation of our vote:

The text of the resolution is in our view not sufficiently strong with respect to the principle of a negotiated two-state solution as our strategic goal. The references in the text to the requirements of international law and relevant UN resolutions are in our view too weak in this respect.

Norway supports Egypt’s work for Palestinian reconciliation and for a Palestinian congregation. The resolution is - as we see it - unclear regarding fundamental requirements for Palestinian unity government as expressed in the Quartet criteria.

Norway will continue its work as Chair of the AHLC to stabilize the situation in Gaza, reinforce international support for PA and increased humanitarian efforts in Gaza.