GA: Report on the work of the UN

GA: Report on the work of the UN

Statement by Norway, delievered by Ambassador Tore Hattrem, 8 October 2018.

| General Assembly

Mr. President,


Ladies and gentlemen,

Let me start by thanking the Secretary-General, for his report on the activities of the United Nations in 2017.

We congratulate the UN with progress and substantial achievements in 2017. 

When we established the United Nations, we pledged to save future generations from the scourge of war.

To work together to promote economic and social advancement.

To uphold respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

To deliver security, jobs, education, healthcare and a better future for all.

Today we see a multilateral system under pressure.

At the same time, the big challenges confronting us – like climate change, migration, sustainable development, clean oceans – demand cooperation and common solutions.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals recognise that global challenges are national challenges, and that they are closely interlinked.

The goals require us to take both national and international action.

This organisation – the UN – has over the last 73 years taught us that we can achieve far more by working together than doing it alone.

Together we have achieved impressive results.

Because international cooperation works.

Extreme poverty is steadily decreasing, people live longer, child mortality rates are falling, and more children than ever attend school.

Global political cooperation, a system of global legal order, a fair global trading system, have been crucial to this progress.

The Agenda 2030 with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals demonstrates the unique value of the United Nations.

We have agreed on a universal development agenda – a roadmap to the world we want.

Norway stands ready to support our bilateral, regional and multilateral partners to accelerate implementation of the SDGs.

For seven decades, Norway has been a consistent supporter of the United Nations and a rules-based multilateral order.

We are one of the largest financial contributors to the UN.

We consistently allocate 1 % of our gross national income to development aid.

There is broad support for the UN and for our engagement in sustainable development and peace across the Norwegian political spectrum.

Norway will continue to be a consistent partner to the UN, and together with the nations of the world we will continue to seek common solutions to the challenges we face in our future.

And, finally, we hail his Secretary-General wise leadership and we appeal to him and his staff to carry on with the task to make this organisation better equipped to face our common challenges ahead.

Thank you.