GA: High Level Meeting on Middle Income Countries

Statement by Ambassador Mari Skåre at the High Level Meeting on Middle Income Countries, 4 December 2018.

| General Assembly

Thank you Chair,

In our common endeavor to meet the SDGs, we can learn a lot from the MICs.

MICs bring critical know-how that we all stand to learn from, and provide so many examples of fast progress.

The international community stands to gain from seizing the potential and opportunities of the rapid growth seen in MICS.

The large number of countries that have graduated into a MIC the last decades is indeed a promising sign of success, although sometimes fragile. Many are still at risk of being left behind.

This is why Norway has been an active supporter of responsible and gradual transition

measures for MICs. We should avoid hard cut-offs from the concessional tools available.

Many MICs are especially vulnerable when it comes to climate change, with rising sea levels and an increase in natural disasters. Norway supports strengthened mechanisms to ensure greater level of climate resilience.

The vast majority of MICs have bustling private sectors. These can effectively scale-up robustness in the overall economy. Our development tools should be used more flexibly to fit this sectors needs.

Norway will continue to be a large contributor of ODA. But our assistance must be catalytic. Development aid should unleash new forms of finance, and ensure that financing is more efficient where needed. The Addis Agenda got this right, and we should deliver on its commitments in that respect.

Lastly, creating resilient infrastructure and institutions in MICs is key. Especially in the transition phase, and transfer of knowledge and technology is needed.

Our success will be measured in how well private sector cooperation and investments are stimulated.

It is encouraging that MICs are reforming and repositioning their public sectors.

The potential gains of tax system reforms are enormous. In some cases generating 1-to a-100 USD-dollars of renewable flows.

Tax reform goes hand in hand with our efforts to curb illicit financial flows. These flows often drain public resources in MICS that otherwise ought to be available for public goods and services.

Norway will continue to be a consistent partner with MICS on these efforts. We look forward to hearing other speakers today.

Thank you.