GA: Cooperation between UN and other organizations

Statement by Tore Hattrem on Cooperation between the United Nations and regional and other organizations, 26 November 2018.


Norway is a consistent partner in the global multilateral system. Norway strongly believes that a rules based international order is in the interest of all member states.

Both the institutions and the norms that underpin this foundation is now under pressure.

Only international cooperation can bring sustainable development, mitigate and reduce climate change, and end violent conflict.

The UN system combined with regional and sub-regional organizations are the core of this multilateral order. All countries depend on the international system to address the many global challenges we face.


We are now in the process of implementing important UN reforms. At the same time countries are joining forces to make the regional organizations better prepared to address common challenges.

The consolidated report submitted as background for this discussion, reminds us about the important work of 26 intergovernmental organisations and their numerous partnerships with the United Nations. 

Through our membership or partnerships with many of the organizations covered by the present agenda item, we have first-hand knowledge about numerous initiatives of cooperation with the United Nations.

We are particularly encouraged to see how the relations between the UN and the African Union are maturing and growing stronger.

Within less than two years, the two institutions have signed and started two important framework agreements on peace and security and for the implementation of the sustainable development agenda for Africa.

Partnerships with regional organisations are quite rightly given priority in the Secretary-General’s initiative “Action for peacekeeping”.


We cannot say it too often: There cannot be development without security – and vice versa.

In January this year, we therefore applauded the signing of the framework for implementation of Agenda 2030 and the 2063 Agenda by the UN and the AU leaders.

We are convinced that this will add important energy to both agendas, reduce duplication, accelerate domestic resource mobilization and attract support from development partners.

We share the enthusiasm among UN and AU member states, and Norway has launched an initiativ to establish a "Group of friends of the UN-AU partnership” in Addis Abeba.  

The aim of this initiative is to support and strengthen additional joint AU-UN efforts for sustainable development, conflict prevention, preventive diplomacy and mediation, including enhanced cooperation between AUPSC and the UNSC.


Another important progress among many is UN’s commitment to deepen its already comprehensive partnership with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The cooperation between the UN and ASEAN remains essential to achieve sustainable development and maintain peace and security in the region.

Norway is taking a leading global on oceans and sustainable use of oceans resources. This issue is an priority for Norway’s Sectoral Dialogue Partnership with ASEAN.

Norway looks forward to strengthen its cooperation with the UN and ASEAN in this field, including combating marine litter and micro-plastics in the ASEAN region.


Norway fully supports UN efforts to strengthen existing arrangements and seek new opportunities for cooperation.

Thank you.