GA: HLPF Panel Discussion

Statement by Deputy Minister of development Bjørg Sandkjær at the HLPF panel discussion "Vision of civil society: Leaving no one behind in recovering better" 12. July 2022.

We have heard strong statements over the past few days on how we are not on track to reach the ambitious goals of the 2030-agenda.

To reach those goals, we as governments depend on strong partnerships with civil society and the other major groups and stakeholders represented here. I would like to thank the speakers of the panel and other speakers for providing strong and clear demands of  how we can work together to make sure that we achieve our ambitious targets.

Unfortunately, we see a shrinking space for civil society and human rights defenders in many countries. I would like to thank the Women’s Major Group for bringing our attention to women human rights defenders today, through giving us these green scarfs.

We do see a backlash against gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls. We se a backlash against sexual and reproductive health and rights. Youth are particularly vulnerable and disadvantaged, and we know that the covid-19 pandemic has set us back several years.

We encourage all member states and the international community to actively engage civil society in implementing the SDGs both at the local, national, regional and international level to secure the inclusive recovery that we are looking for.

We’ve heard strong and good recommendations from the panel. I’d like to pick up one of them. Economic transparency, responsibility and integrity need be at the heart of our recovery and development efforts. We welcome the initiative from the Financing for Development Forum to consider the need to convene a Fourth International Conference on Financing for Development.