5C: National Statement 2022

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the UN General Assembly Fifth Committee Main Session, 3 October 2022.


I wholeheartedly welcome your Excellency Phillipe Kridelka as chair of the 77th Session of the Fifth Committee. Norway looks forward to supporting the bureau and you, in your capacity as Chair of this important committee.



Today, more than ever, we need bold and committed multilateral cooperation and frank dialogue.

Without a strong and effective UN; without serious discussions and willingness to compromise among Member States; the international community will not be able to address the challenges we face.

The work done in the fifth committee is of key importance as we work toward solving these challenges.

It provides the UN with the tools needed to strengthen and improve the organization.

In a time with compounded and protracted crises, the UN is needed more than ever before.

Norway is strongly committed to continuing and consolidating the Secretary-General’s reform initiatives.

A streamlined, modern organization will be better able to serve the people of the world in both certain and uncertain times, and we recognise the efforts the Secretary-General is making to achieve this goal.

We have worked together on implementing these changes for several years already – and Our Common Agenda sets the direction.

When going forward, we must ensure that vital tasks of the United Nations should be better funded by our core budget.

This includes the UN human rights system, the RC system, and peacebuilding- which are all hampered by persistent under-funding and over-reliance on voluntary contributions.


Finally Chair,

A successful UN entails a strong culture of transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency.

The development and maintenance of such a culture is dependent on the tireless, constructive work of the Fifth Committee, and all UN Member States.

Norway again stands ready to continue to work on this basis. And negotiating within the aim of reaching consensus on these important matters.


Thank you.