Statement by Norway in the Third Committee meeting with the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, 17 October 2022.

Norway wants to commend the Special Rapporteur for her great efforts and stellar dedication throughout her mandate. The reports to the 3rd Committee have been inspiring and useful in setting the agenda. We thank your for presenting your report to this Committee today.

This year’s report includes reflections on the mandate period of the Special Rapporteur. The report is very convincing to us. The responsibility to protect the human rights of IDPs lies on the government. And we support the clear call for implementation and operationalization of the human rights of IDPs.

The Secretary-General’s Action Agenda explicitly calls for integration of the human rights of IDPs in the efforts for preventing and finding solutions to the situations to internal displacement. The mandate of the Special Rapporteur is key in this regard.

We have also read with great interest the part of the report focusing on “development-induced displacement”. Recognizing the particular challenges faced by those displaced by development projects is important. The report also points to the importance of consultations with affected persons in connection with development projects.

According to the report, a change in mindset is required; one that is centered on individuals and communities and empowers them to realize their rights to development rather than treating them as passive subjects whose agency is subordinate to State interest. We would appreciate if you could elaborate on this?

Madame Special Rapporteur, Cecilia, you have been a tireless champion for the human rights of IDPs, we appreciate all your work and it has been a privilege and pleasure working with you.