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5C: Financial situation of the UN

Statement by Norway in Fifth Committee on Financial situation of the United Nations, 14 May 2020.

| Fifth Committee

Allow me to extend my thanks to you, and also to Under Secretary-General Catherine Pollard for the briefing held last Thursday.

Norway is a consistent promoter of multilateralism and international cooperation. At the core of multilateralism, we find the United Nations, which is turning 75 years this year.

In light of the challenges posed by COVID-19, it is clear that we need a strong, effective and efficient United Nations more than ever. We need an organization that manages its financial resources soundly, but at the same time is equipped to fully deliver in accordance with its mandates.



Article 17 of the Charter states that the expenses of the Organization shall be borne by the Member States as appropriated by the General Assembly.

Full and timely payment of our dues is essential for the financial health of our United Nations. The Organization depends on predictable and stable financing to fulfil its mandates in increasingly complex country situations. Predictable and stable financing is key to a relevant and effective United Nations for all.



The Fifth Committee adopted measures to alleviate the liquidity situation in the Second Resumed session last year. My delegation is pleased to see that cash-pooling has had a positive effect on reimbursements to police- and troop contributing countries, and has supported the safety, security and predictability of staff in the field.

Nevertheless, the letter from the Secretary-General dated 31 March shows that the Organization is still facing severe liquidity problems. In particular, the cash situation with regard to the regular budget is extremely alarming.

We recognize the difficulties faced by all countries as we all work to reallocate resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Norway commends those countries that have paid their assessed contributions in full and on time. This is crucial to ensure a resilient UN that continues to carry out its important functions and is especially important now to coordinate and support the global efforts against COVID-19.

As a founding member and consistent partner of the UN, Norway urges all Member States to make every effort to pay their outstanding contributions as soon as possible. This will ensure a strong and effective UN that delivers on its promise to the people it serves.

Thank you.