ECOSOC: Joint meeting with 2nd Committee

Closing Statement by President of ECOSOC Ambassador Mona Juul at the Joint Meeting of the Economic and Social Council and the Second Committee of the General Assembly, 15 October 2019.


Distinguished Delegates,

We have now reached the end of our joint meeting.

I would like to sincerely thank Member States who engaged in the discussion, as well as our panellists for their very insightful interventions.

Our panellists have done a remarkable job in shedding light on the concept of natural-based solutions. And how these can be better applied to overcome complex challenges, and accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

We heard how nature-based solutions embrace nature conservation norms and principles. And that they can be implemented alone, or in an integrated manner.

Discussions, also highlighted that nature-based solutions maintain biological and cultural diversity, along with the ability of ecosystems to evolve over time.

While of course also recognising, and addressing, the trade-offs that exist.

Distinguished delegates,

In my view, the clear message from today’s meeting is that nature-based solutions can offer concrete answers to problems plaguing our world.

They should be considered complementary to – not incompatible with – technological solutions.

I would like to close by urging you to consider embracing them in your own national contexts and environments.

Thank you.