C4: Comprehensive review of special political missions

Statement by Councellor Rafea Arif on the comprehensive review of special political missions in the Fourth Committee, 8 November 2019.

| Fouth Committee


Norway welcomes this opportunity to discuss the status of UN's Special Political Missions.

The Special Political Missions play an important role in preventing and resolving armed conflict and sustaining peace. In order to succeed, they need wholehearted support from us as UN Member States.

Special Political Missions should be seen as part of a spectrum of peace operations. We are convinced that a solid foundation for funding and backstopping such missions would only save UN spending, not increase it.

The recent UN reforms should enable Special Political Missions to work more closely with UN peacekeeping operations and UN country teams, in promoting and sustaining peace. A single regional political-operational structure at UN headquarters should further enhance coherence of the UN’s peace efforts.

Norway welcomes the holistic approach to the Special Political Missions, outlined in the Secretary-General’s report. We know that inclusive peace processes, which include both men and women, have better odds to create lasting peace. Norway is therefore encouraged by the emphasis on promoting women’s participation in peace processes. We also appreciate the reports focus on the issue of climate change as a driver of conflict.

We appreciate this opportunity to discuss this topic with other Member States and hear your views on how we can enhance the effectiveness and coherence of Special Political Missions.

Thank you.