C5 MonaJuul - Photo:NorwayUN

C5: General Debate

Statement by Ambassador Mona Juul in the General Debate of the Fifth Committee, 7 October 2019.

| Fifth Committee

Check against delivery

Allow me to start with a hearty congratulations to you, upon your appointment as Chair. Norway looks forward to supporting you.


Our shared objective is a 21st century UN, focused more on people and less on process. More on delivery, and less on bureaucracy.

Norway is strongly committed to UN reform. The Secretary-General has already shown great leadership in this regard. Leading to better, real world results, for more people.

Together we have come quite far. But a lot of hard work remains to be done by UN entities and Member States. 

The real litmus test for success will be a more coherent, effective and efficient UN at country level.

In this regard, we welcome that the new budget proposal from the Secretary-General reflects a simplified, integrated and transparent budget process. As well as a shorter budget cycle.

Norway will also continue to promote results-based management in UN institutions. And promote flexibility to ensure that the UN has what it needs to fulfil its mandates. This of course includes peacekeeping operations.

Member States must ensure that adequate resources are available to cover the mandates we have given. This extends to the UN human rights system.

The new Resident Coordinator system constitutes the core of the reform of the UN development system.

But, burden sharing of its funding remains a critical issue.

Norway considers the Secretariat’s financing of its share of the Resident Coordinator system as a matter of principle. One which should continue.

Finally, Chair,

The Fifth Committee has a key role to play. Steering the organisation towards a strong culture of: accountability, more transparency, effectiveness and efficiency. 

For us, a core value of the Fifth Committee is to work tirelessly towards consensus, even on matters where we start from far apart.

Norway stands ready to work on this basis. And remains committed to securing the full implementation of reforms approved by Member States.

Thank you.