5C: UN Reform 5th Committee

Statement on behalf of Norway by Councellor Ms. Lill-Ann Bjaarstad Medina in Fifth Committee, 5 July 2018.

| Fifth Committee

Thank you Mr. Chair, I would like to take the opportunity to extend a warm welcome to all the high-ranking officials, and their teams present here today.

A historic session has come to an end. The Fifth Committee has agreed to two comprehensive reforms, and approved the restructuring of a major part of UN’s headquarter functions and its main body of work.

These changes represent the most significant shift for the system in decades. This is indeed a new paradigm, making the UN into an integrated, holistic and well-defined organization.

Mr. Chair, Fellow delegates, It has been a challenging session with many long nights, stalemates and concessions. Nonetheless, we have managed to compromise and build consensus.

Largely, the two resolutions show our trust in the Secretary-General and his ability to lead and manage the organization as its chief administrative officer.

Norway is particularly pleased that the Fifth Committee approved the revised estimates on the peace and security architecture, with a good outcome.

The integrated structure will fundamentally alter how the UN works in a “whole of pillar” approach, empowering the field, while at the same time enhancing accountability for results and for the use of resources.

It encourages amalgamated work streams, and a more strategic and seamless operation of the UN’s political and peacekeeping instruments. 

It will, hopefully facilitate better transitions from peacekeeping and peacebuilding, placing prevention at the core of all efforts to sustain peace.

The management reform is the enabler of all other reforms. My delegation is delighted that the Committee agreed to the overarching restructuring and the implementation of an aligned and transparent system for delegation of authority.

We are, however, disappointed that the Committee could not reach a consensus on the placement of the human resource function.

The UN’s human resources are the blood streams of the organization, and this component is indispensable in the overall management structure.

Nonetheless, we are relieved that no option is off the table, and that the Secretary-General may seek a decision in the upcoming main session.

Norway promises to come back with renewed energy, to work for a consensus as early as possible during the fall, so that the Secretary-General can implement a full-fledged reform as of 1 st January 2019.

Mr. Chair, Norway reiterates its continued support to the Secretary-General and his staff in the upcoming phase, and encourages the cultural shift that the organization also need for the reforms to succeed.

Mr. Chair, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in particular, for your able leadership, persuasion and tireless presence in the Committee.

It has certainly helped us in reaching the outcomes that we can celebrate today.    

I thank you.