5C: Revised Estimate for Peace and Security

Statement on behalf of Norway by Ambassador Tore Hattrem in General Debate on Revised Estimate for Peace and Security, 15 May 2018.

| Fifth Committee

Thank you, Mr. Chair. Norway reiterates our full support for the Secretary General’s vision for reforming the United Nations peace and security architecture.

I would like to thank, Madam Chef de Cabinet, Ms. Ribeiro Viotti for presenting the proposal for a new structure that pave the way for this vision to be set into play.  I would also like to thank the chair of the Advisory Committee, Mr. Ruis Massieu for presenting valid advice. 

Norway supports the overall intent to prioritize prevention and sustaining peace, and enhance the effectiveness and coherence of peacekeeping operations and special political missions. We welcome an improved organization that enables a whole of pillar approach, aligning the peace and security pillar more closely with the development and human rights pillars.

We are convinced that the proposal for a single political-operational structure is a right move to make. It prepares the ground for a better use of the human capital at headquarters creating the necessary incentives for working in a combined and consorted manner. 

As stated by the Secretary-General, when he introduced his recent initiative on Action for Peacekeeping, we fully agree that these reforms should result in better quality analysis, stronger support to troop and police contributors, more effective political engagement and enhanced accountability and transparency.

In our view, the proposal to incorporate the Peacebuilding Support Office, and to make its role more central in the peace and security architecture is a logical step when aiming at a more strategic approach to the entire conflict circle. The Office needs to be equipped with the right and sufficient resources to play its new role in a fashion that benefits the whole spectre of peace efforts.    

Norway is a long-term partner for the UN in promoting gender equality and gender mainstreaming in peace and security.  It is pivotal that the work with gender issues is strengthened as part of the reform.

The proposed restructuring provides necessary, but not sufficient measures to realize the new vision. Reform is not an end in itself. Norway is also cognizant of the interlinkage between the changes in the peace and security organization and other reforms. The Secretary-General’s intention to align authority and responsibility meets two ends, both empowering the field and enhancing accountability for results and resources.

Mr. Chair, We also recognize that a perfect solution to organizing a bureaucracy does not exist. We encourage the Secretary-General to take measures to prevent any potential lack of clarity, to work in a constructive and inclusive manner with his staff throughout the process, and to keep Member States informed as the new structure settles.

Mr. Chair. Please be assured of my delegations full support in taking this item to a positive conclusion.

Thank you.