Press Statement on Ukraine

Press Statement on Ukraine from the Norwegian Delegation to the UN in conjunction with a Security Council meeting, 6 June 2022.

The press statement was delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative of Norway, Trine Heimerback.

For 100 days, people in Ukraine have been living through hell. Norway is very concerned by the high number of sexual violence that have been reported, including by the survivors themselves. Both the scale and the nature of the atrocities against civilians in Ukraine are shocking, they are heart-breaking, and they are totally unacceptable.

From the end of this year, there will be babies born as a result of rape. It is incredibly important that these children’s rights - as well as their mothers’ wellbeing - will be ensured.

Norway will use its voice in the Security Council today, to call for increased action to prevent and respond to sexual- and gender-based violence. From Norway’s side, one of the actions we have recently taken, is increasing our financial support to the UNFPA.

The international community has been crystal clear; that there will be no impunity for any crimes against civilians. Accountability is absolutely critical to ensure justice for the survivors and deter further violations.

And as we’ve said in more than 20 meetings now: Norway condemns in the strongest terms Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine - which is a blatant violation of the UN Charter. Russia must stop the war.