Press Statement on Sudan

Statement to the press by Ambassador Mona Juul ahead of a Security Council meeting on the situation in Sudan, 7 December 2022.

I’m glad to see positive news coming from Sudan this week, despite ongoing violence against civilians and the humanitarian crisis: Norway welcomes the signing of the Political Agreement in Khartoum.

This is an important agreement, and a critical first step towards the formation of a democratic government. Behind it stands a broad group of Sudanese actors, supported by the AU, IGAD and the UN. This is indeed an African solution to an African problem.

I encourage all members of the Security Council to seize this opportunity to rally behind the AU and IGAD, and express full support to the tripartite mechanism and the political process.

Going forward, we will need all hands on deck to secure continued political progress that can unlock the resumption of economic assistance.

Norway will continue to support the people of Sudan, as we have done for decades.

In the next phase, we hope to see more direct participation of Sudanese women and youth in political talks. The UN transition mission can play an important role in supporting the inclusion of women and youth.