Press Statement on South Sudan

Statement to the press by Ambassador Mona Juul ahead of a Security Council meeting on the situation in South Sudan, 13 December 2022.

Norway has been engaged in South Sudan for several decades, and I would really wish that I could bring positive news today.

However – in this meeting, Norway will raise alarm that South Sudan is at the brink of disaster. We need the Security Council to recognize this, and we urge regional organizations and the international community to use all the tools at their disposal – to support.

And most importantly – we urge the very leaders of South Sudan to protect their own people and prevent the country from collapsing. Unless we see actual commitment from the government, we fear that the Cease Fire and the Peace Agreement may break down.

This would be a total disaster for people in South Sudan. They desperately need peace and security. They need food, education, and hope for a better future.

The cycle of broken promises followed by armed conflict must end.