Press Statement on Human Rights in Afghanistan

Press Statement on human rights for women and girls in Afghanistan, 12 May 2022.

The press statement was delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative Trine Heimerback ahead of closed consultations in the Security Council on Afghanistan, as requested by Norway.

Norway has requested this meeting on Afghanistan, because we are extremely concerned about the continuous infringement on human rights for girls and women. This is detrimental to ‘peace and stability’ and a matter that belongs on the Council’s agenda.

Taliban policies continue to focus on oppressing women and girls rather than addressing the economic crisis.

Since the Taliban came to power, women’s and girls’ rights have been rolled back in areas of great importance to their lives: like access to education, employment and healthcare, and even to move around freely. The consequences are that women are excluded from public life.

These restrictions will also severely limit Afghanistan’s ability to respond to the catastrophic economic and humanitarian situation, which again may lead to violence and radicalization.

Norway will continue to communicate our deep concern directly to representatives of the Taliban.

Also, as penholder on Afghanistan in the Security Council, Norway will continue to work with all Council members, to send another joint message to the Taliban to respect the rights of Afghan women and girls.