Press Statement on Burkina Faso

Press Statement on the situation in Burkina Faso, 8 February 2022.

Norway joins ECOWAS, the AU, and the UN Secretary-General in expressing concern and condemnation after the coup in Burkina Faso. We also join calls for the immediate release of President Kaboré.

What must happen now is, a timely return to constitutional order. We urge the parties to find a peaceful solution through constructive dialogue and respect for democratic principles and good governance. 

As we know, the coup in Burkina Faso follows a series of unacceptable, irregular transitions of power in the region - including not least in Mali. International commitments must be upheld.

We also remain deeply troubled by the humanitarian situation and the lack of protection of civilians. Especially in this situation, all actors must respect international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

It is clear that we see a deteriorating security situation, spread of terror, and lack of protection of civilians. But military coups do not solve these challenges. 

For governments to rebuild trust and break spirals of violence, it will be crucial to restore legitimacy and provide basic services to people.