Joint WPS Press Stakeout on Colombia

Joint Women Peace and Security (WPS) Press Stakeout on Colombia by UNSC members Albania, UAE and Norway, together with Colombia, 20 January 2022.

NORWAY: Today, before the Council convenes for a briefing and consultation on the situation in Colombia, Norway, the UAE, and Albania come together under our shared commitments to prioritize the women, peace, and security (WPS) agenda during our terms on the Security Council, to urge the full, equal, and meaningful participation of women leaders in the implementation of the Colombian Peace Accord. We are pleased and honored to do this together with Colombia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

First, let me turn to my Albanian colleague.

ALBANIA: We acknowledge the work undertaken to ensure women's full, equal, and meaningful participation. The implementation of the Agreement’s gender provisions, and its ethnic chapter is an essential condition for lasting peace.  In particular, we encourage that special attention and priority be given to the Ethnic Chapter and the 130 provisions on gender equality and women’s rights.

I now turn to my colleague from the United Arab Emirates.

UAE: Much has been achieved since the beginning of the implementation of the peace agreement in Colombia, and this should be commended. While there has been an increase in women former combatants participation in productive projects, their active and meaningful participation in economic reintegration still faces some challenges. Further progress must be made, given that the economic inclusion and empowerment of women is critical to building economies, which, in turn ensures long-lasting peace.

I now welcome our Colombian colleague.

COLOMBIA: For Colombia, the WPS agenda is fundamental in the efforts of peacebuilding. This Agenda guides the 51 gender indicators of the Implementation Framework Plan of the Final Agreement, foreseen for 15-years, which has already shown a high level of progress in 57% of them.  Hence, 79% of women included in the reincorporation process are already involved in productive projects.

We have built strong institutions, policies, and programs with a gender perspective that cover, among others, women’s political and economic empowerment, prevention and fight against all forms of violence, protection of women social leaders and human rights defenders, as well as the participation of women in the public force.

I turn to my Norwegian colleague to close.

NORWAY: As Council members, we pledge to support the women of Colombia by prioritizing the women, peace, and security agenda during our terms. Women have been at the center of efforts from the beginning, and we know that women’s participation is fundamental to reach a sustainable and lasting peace in Colombia. Today, we are looking forward to hearing from a female former FARC combatant.