Arria-Formula Meeting: Climate Peace and Security

How can the Security Council use its peacemaking, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding actions to prevent climate-related conflict, and how the UN can also leave a positive legacy with host countries and communities? Tune in to the Arria Formula Meeting 29 November.

Kenya and Norway, together with Albania, France, Gabon, Ghana, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, Nauru, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States is convening an Arria-formula Meeting on "Climate, Peace and Security: Opportunities for the UN Peace and Security Architecture"

Until now, the Climate and Security discourse in the Security Council has focused on how the effects of climate change exacerbate national and regional insecurity with implications for the maintenance of international peace and security. However, the effects of climate change go beyond their impact on the outbreak and intensity of hostilities. They are critical variables that impact effective peacebuilding by national authorities, the UN, and the International Community. The effects of climate change influence the success of all our peace efforts. From the prevention of conflict to transitions out of conflict, including the transitioning of UN peacekeeping and political missions. 

Broadening the Security Council’s awareness of how climate, security and peacebuilding interact would offer a basis for it to embrace additional tools and entry points to better achieve its mandate. It would highlight that peace and sustainable environmental practices at the local, national, and global levels are mutually reinforcing.

Want to tune in to the discussion? See the live stream here on November 29 3PM.