PeaceDay2013.jpg - Photo:UNIFIL Photo/Pasqual G. Marcos
UNIFIL Photo/Pasqual G. Marcos

Norway increases funding to UN peace and security efforts

Violent conflicts are increasing in number and in complexity. Their humanitarian consequences are devastating, and a record number of people have been forced to flee their homes. ‘Preventing conflicts is infinitely preferable to repairing the damage they cause once they begin. It is also cheaper. Norway will now increase its support to the UN Peacebuilding Fund by NOK 115 million over a period of three years,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

Norway's funding increase will be announced at a donor conference in the UN on Wednesday, where Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be among the participants.

'The UN has a unique mandate for preventing and resolving conflicts and helping to build lasting peace. It is crucial that the international community gives the UN sufficient political and economic support for its important work in this area. Norway is one of the countries that is really making a contribution in this context,' said Mr Brende.

Norway is supporting the ongoing efforts to reform UN peace operations and make them more effective. Over the years, Norway has invested considerable resources in peace and reconciliation work, and has strengthened the UN's ability to prevent conflicts and play a role as mediator. In Colombia, Norway has acted as facilitator in the peace process, which has now resulted in a peace agreement between the parties to the conflict.

'Political will is vital to success. Colombia is a good example of this: unless the parties themselves want peace, there is little the international community can do. In order to be successful, peace processes must also be inclusive, and give a voice to women and minorities,' said Mr Brende.

The UN Peacebuilding Fund takes a coherent approach and focuses on all aspects of peacebuilding, from conflict prevention, conflict mitigation measures and mediation support to post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction. The Fund provides support to a range of UN organisations and cooperates closely with national and local authorities, civil society groups and the World Bank. Norway has been an active supporter of the Fund since its launch in 2006.