The world gathers at Commission on the Status of Women

This year's theme at the Commission on the Status of Women is women’s economic empowerment in a changing world of work. The situation and rights of indigenous women will be given extra attention.

Norway’s Minister for Children and Gender Equality Solveig Horne and Deputy Foreign Minister Laila Bokhari will participate in the 61st session of the United Nations Commission of Status of Women (CSW) 13 -17 March 2017. The official Norwegian delegation to CSW consist of 20 representatives from the Parliament and the Sami Parliament, the parties in the labor market and civil society.

“The economic participation of women in the society is crucial in order to create growth and development, as well as ensuring women’s independence and breadwinner ability. Norway works internationally to eliminate discrimination that inhibits women from taking part in the workforce. We promote women’s access to education, new technology and welfare benefits that contribute to women and men being able to combine work and family life”, Deputy Foreign Minister Bokhari says.

Priority theme:

  • Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work

Review theme:

  • Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls (agreed conclusions of the fifty-eighth session)

Emerging issue/Focus area:

  • The empowerment of indigenous women

Norway will take part in several side-events, on issues such as education for girls, violence against women, female human rights defenders, indigenous and the role of men and boys for womens economic empowerment. Norway will work actively to ensure that the agreed conclusions from CSW61 provides clear policy recommendations on how women's participation and position in the labor market can be improved.

Check out Norway's events:

Monday 13 March; 1:15 pm:
Gender Equality the Nordic Way: What can we learn from it?

Monday 13 March; 6:30 pm:
The Career Comeback: From Work to Family and Back Again

Wednesday 15 March; 10.00 am:
Women Human Rights Defenders Who Work for Economic Empowerment of Women and Girls

Wednesday 15 March; 11.30 am:
Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment in Rural & Insecure Areas of Afghanistan

Thursday 16 March; 10.00 am:
Delivering integrated education and health services in humanitarian situations

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