Norway candidate to The World Heritage Comittee 2017

Norway wishes to strengthen the World Heritage Committee’s efforts to promote a more integrated management of World Heritage properties.

This is consistent with the intentions of the World Heritage Convention, and reinforces its unique characteristics.

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The World Heritage Committee is responsible for the follow up of the convention. The committee has 21 members. The tasks include monitoring the state and management of the areas listed on the World Heritage List, assessing whether any country needs advice or assistance, deciding measures to secure world heritage threatened and adopting new areas to be listed on World Heritage List.

Every other year half of the committee is up for election. Normally a member sits for four years. The next election is in November 2017, and Norway is a candidate.

The basis for Norway’s management of the environment is the relationship between culture and nature. Nature cannot be managed without also considering traces of earlier human activity. Norway believes cultural and natural resources are best understood and safeguarded through an integrated approach.

Norway aims to participate in the multilateral community in areas in which it has special expertise.