SC: Libya / UNSMIL

Explanation of Vote by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Trine Heimerback on the adoption of UN Security Council resolution 2629 renewing the mandate of UNSMIL in Libya, 29 April 2022.

Norway would like to thank the penholder for their efforts to get agreement on a substantial renewal of UNSMIL’s mandate. We appreciate that this resolution requests UNSMIL to implement the recommendations from the strategic review, as well as reaffirms the Council’s support of elections.

However, we regret that the Council was not able to agree on a full, substantial resolution with a one-year renewal. Despite the good faith efforts of 14 council members, one member chose to block such an outcome.

This is the third time the Council has negotiated a text that ultimately was not put forward. We have supported the earlier drafts which reflected relevant developments in Libya, and contained important language on issues like regional cooperation, national reconciliation, and women’s participation in the political process.

The Council’s failure to agree on a full, substantial mandate not only sends an unfortunate signal to the Libyan people, but also to the whole region.

UNSMIL plays a pivotal role in supporting Libya’s political process and contributes to stability in Libya- including in cooperation with the AU and regional security cooperation mechanisms.

Such stability is essential for the Libyan people, neighboring countries, and the whole African continent.

Nevertheless, our foremost priority is to secure a continuation of UNSMIL’s mandate. And we hope that all 15 Council members will contribute constructively when the mandate comes up for renewal again in July.

I thank you.