SC: Yemen

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Trine Heimerback in the Security Council meeting on Yemen, 15 March 2022.


We are deeply concerned by the current level of food insecurity and hunger. Food assistance is urgently needed by nearly 13 million Yemenis - including children suffering from malnutrition, as well as pregnant or nursing mothers.

The recent closure of humanitarian assistance programs in Yemen - due to lack of funding - is the opposite of what is needed.

The High-Level Pledging Event on the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen presents an important opportunity to mobilize attention, and financial support, for the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Turning to security developments, we continue to be greatly alarmed by the serious military escalation of the conflict in Yemen by all parties. Let me underline Norway’s strong call on all parties to exercise restraint.

Let me stress again that it is children who are paying the highest price as violence escalates. In the first two months of 2022, 47 children were killed or injured. Two million children under the age of 5 are stunted: a condition that will permanently influence their mental development. This human-made tragedy is truly unacceptable.

We wish to remind parties of their obligations to respect: international humanitarian law,  international human rights, and in particular their obligations to protect civilian lives and infrastructure. And we reiterate the importance of ensuring the safety and security of UN and humanitarian personnel. 


De-escalation, a nation-wide ceasefire, and a turn towards a political solution is the only path forward to end the cycle of violence. Norway welcomes the Special Envoy’s consultations on the Framework for an inclusive, multi-track process.

His recent and upcoming meetings with leaders of Yemeni political parties, the security and economic sectors, civil society, as well as with regional and international stakeholders will be essential for building a coalition for a peaceful settlement.

We call upon all parties to prioritise the needs and interests of the Yemeni people by fully cooperating with the Special Envoy, without preconditions, and without delay.

And we commend the emphasis Hans has placed on women’s meaningful contribution to the Framework Consultations.

The recent UN Disaster Risk Reduction report, which details lessons learned from women’s leadership in mediation over communal water resources, showcases how inclusion is not a talking point but a smart approach to building peace, boosting livelihoods, and strengthening community resilience.

Finally, President, we wish to welcome progress made to mitigate the threat caused by the Safer oil tanker. It is a positive step that the Ansar Allah have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UN. We urge continued momentum to quickly resolve this issue.

Thank you.