SC: Statement on the situation in Mali

Statement by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul in the Security Council meeting on the situation in Mali, 07 Apr 2022.

I thank SRSG Wane for his reminders of the fundamental contributions that MINUSMA continues to bring to Mali -- and to the stability of the region. I also warmly thank Ms. Samaké for providing us with her real-world experiences -- including on the nexus between gender, climate change, and security in Mali.

We hope that the appointment of 15 more women to the Agreement Monitoring Committee, can bring such aspects even higher on the agenda.

President,Let me now address the political transition. We are encouraged by the seemingly reduced distance in positions between Bamako and ECOWAS on the transitional timeline.

ECOWAS should be commended for its persistence in pursuing dialogue. We urge Mali's transitional leaders to maintain a constructive dialogue with ECOWAS – and to fulfil their promises of a swift return to constitutional order.


One year and half after the military took power by force in Mali, the security and humanitarian situations show few signs of improving.

We remain especially concerned by the inability to protect Mali's youngest and most vulnerable, given the  increasing reports of: recruitment and use of children in armed conflict, closed schools, and the severe risk of acute malnutrition. And as we know, recent months have also seen a drastic increase in human rights violations and abuses.

We underline the State’s primary responsibility to ensure accountability and fight impunity -- hereunder in relation to any external actor that the Transitional Authorities have hired, including the Wagner Group.

We reiterate also the call from the Malian National Human Rights Commission and others, for independent investigations of the horrific allegations of human rights violations and abuses in Moura.

And let me be clear: In order to fulfil its mandate, MINUSMA must be given full access to investigate all allegations.


Before concluding, I wanted to again pay tribute to every single person within MINUSMA for their professionalism and tireless efforts. We remember the brave peacekeepers and others who recently lost their lives in the service of peace in Mali. Let us not forget that part of the responsibility to ensure safety and security of peacekeepers falls on this Council.

These are considerations we must pay extra attention to in the current changing security environments -- including as Barkhane and Takuba start to depart.
But in addition, there are certain conditions and safeguards that only the host country can ensure.
These responsibilities should not be taken lightly -- and must start with a fundamental respect for MINUSMA and its mandate.

MINUSMA has the mandate and know-how to support: the political transition, the implementation of the Peace Agreement, the respect for human rights, the rule of law, and protection of civilians. We therefore urge the Transitional Government to continue to engage constructively with the Mission.

In conclusion, President,During the critical time ahead, we ask the
Secretary-General to keep this Council closely informed about any added challenges or threats that may affect the MINUSMA operations, and our peacekeepers in Mali. Thank you.