SC: ICC Sudan

Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Trine Heimerback in the UN Security Council meeting on the International Criminal Court / Sudan, 17 January 2022.

There is a serious political crisis in Sudan. The security forces’ continued use of lethal force against peaceful protestors is unacceptable. We strongly condemn all breaches of human rights, including: sexual violence; attacks on media, ambulances, and hospitals; restricting access to medical services and free communication. The violence must stop.

Despite this, we continue to hear the clear aspirations of the Sudanese people, and their demand for a civilian-led transition. We continue to hold the military leadership primarily responsible for the current constitutional, and political, crisis- and the fragile security, economic, and humanitarian situation in the country. Turning more specifically to the work of the ICC- which is so crucial to secure justice for victims and survivors of the most serious crimes in Darfur.

Norway would like to thank the Prosecutor for his first report on the situation in Darfur.

We commend Prosecutor Khan’s leadership and his commitment to prioritise situations referred by the Security Council- however, this must also be complimented by consistent follow-up and support from this Council. We applaud his visit to Sudan before the coup; a visit that resulted in the MoU that the Prosecutor referred to in his statement.

We are encouraged to hear that this MoU seems to remain in effect. And we call for its implementation. It took almost two decades since the Security Council referred the situation in Darfur to achieve cooperation from the Sudanese authorities.

Finally, we were making progress in the endeavour for justice for the victims of atrocities in Darfur. So, even during the current crisis, we must continue to press for progress. The upcoming trial against former militia leader Abd-Al-Rahman (Ali Kushayb); and promises during the Prosecutor’s visit in favour of transferring suspects currently detained in Sudan to the ICC- represent milestones in this direction. Proper access to evidence remains crucial.

We urge the military to abide by the commitments of Sudan to the ICC, and we call for its full cooperation with the Court. And we recall, and underline, the importance of fulfilling the obligations imposed by the Security Council. Let me end by urging all to co-operate with the ICC so they can complete their vital mandate; and so justice can finally be brought to victims and survivors.

Prosecutor, you have Norway’s full support.

I thank you.