SC: Afghanistan

Explanation of Vote by Permanent Representative Ambassador Mona Juul after the adoption by the Security Council of the mandate renewal of UNAMA in Afghanistan, 17 March 2022.

Thank you President.

As penholder on Afghanistan and the UNAMA mandate renewal, allow me to thank all Council members for constructively engaging in the process leading to today’s adoption renewing the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan for one year.

The resolution sends a clear message that this Council stands firmly behind the UN’s continued support to the Afghan people as they face unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.

The resolution ensures that UNAMA has a strong and robust mandate to:

- Promote inclusive political dialogue

- Monitor and report on human rights

- Continue to facilitate humanitarian and basic human needs assistance

And to engage with all Afghan actors – and that includes the Taliban – on all these issues.

The resolution expresses particular concern about the situation for Afghan women and girls. It provides UNAMA with a strengthened mandate to monitor and report on violations, abuses, and reprisals committed against women.

As well as a strengthened mandate to support Afghan women’s participation in dialogue and decision-making about their – and their country’s – future.

The resolution also recognises that children are disproportionately affected by the complex crises in Afghanistan, and therefore tasks UNAMA to continue its crucial work to monitor and report on the protection of children.

Moreover, Afghanistan is experiencing its worst drought in 27 years. While we are glad to have included an important reference to drought in the text, we are disappointed that we could not agree on the need for climate-related security risks to be included in UNAMA’s analysis and reporting.


All of the components in this renewed mandate for UNAMA will be crucial. Not only to respond to the immediate humanitarian and economic crisis, but to support this Council’s overarching goal of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

We once again thank all Council members for their valuable efforts to renew this mandate, and extend our sincere thanks to the entire UNAMA team for their tireless work every day for the people of Afghanistan.