Residence Permits in Denmark

Norway is receiving residence permit applications on behalf of Denmark in Jordan.

How to Apply for a Residence Permit in Denmark from Jordan

1. Go online to New to Denmark.

2. Register your application and pay the fee in order to obtain an ID number.

3. Print out the list showing which documents you need to submit.

4. Gather the rest of the documents in the checklist.

5. Meet at the Visa Application Centre during their opening hours to submit your application. You do not need a prior appointment. 

6. Submit your application at the Visa Application Centre. There you will have to pay an additional application fee in Jordanian Dinars according to the Visa Fee List. The VFS will also charge a service fee of 23 JOD.

7. After submission: The passport will be returned to VFS after the document is checked. All original documents will be sent to the Danish Immigration Service. For case processing times, please visit New to Denmark. You will be informed by the Embassy when your application is processed.

8. Received an answer: You can meet at the Visa Application Centre during their opening hours in order to have your visa issued.