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The Embassy can legalise documents and provide services that Notarius Publicus normally conduct in Norway.



Persons who wish to legalise a document for use in Norway, Jordan or Iraq, must schedule an appoinment and meet in person at the Embassy. The Embassy can also legalise documents on behalf of Finland, adhering to the same rules as for Norway. Information regarding this is stated below.

An appointment can be made by emailing [email protected] or calling the Embassy.

The Embassy only legalises documents when it is beneficial for a Norwegian citizen or Norwegian interests.

The document must be legalised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan or Norway. Please note that the Embassy cannot legalise Iraqi documents. This also applies to cases in which an Iraqi document is legalised by the Iraqi Embassy in Jordan, and thereafter the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Applicants must bring all necessary docuemtns to the Embassy, including their passport. The fee for legalisation is 32 JOD per document. This amount can only be paid by credit card when the documents are handed in at the Embassy.

Legalised documents will be available for collection on the next working day. The Embassy will notify the applicant when the document(s) are ready for collection.

Notarius Publicus:

The Embassy in Amman can by appointmen provide services that notarius publicus normally conduct in Norway, including:

  • Approving signatures (32 JOD per document)
  • Approving certified copies (32 JOD per document)

The Embassy is restricted by law to only act as notarius publicus when it is beneficial for a Norwegian citizen or is tied to Norwegian interests.

Appointments are made by calling the Embassy, or emailing [email protected].