Entry visa for applying for or waiting for a decision on family immigration (so-called D-visa).

About the D-visa

If you wish to obtain a permit for family immigration, you must, as a rule have been granted a residence permit before entering Norway. However, in exceptional cases, where the Embassy has no doubts that the conditions for family immigration and the conditions in Circular 2013-001 are fulfilled, you may be granted a D-visa. A D-visa allows you to enter and stay in Norway before a family immigration permit has been granted.

If a D-visa is granted, the applicant can submit the application for family immigration at the Police in Norway. The Police will be authorized to process the application and the processing time will be significantly reduced. Being granted a D-visa visa has, however, no bearing on the outcome of your application for family immigration.

In Circular 2013-001 you will find detailed information about the D-visa, including the conditions for being granted a D-visa. Please be aware that a D-visa will not be granted if the applicant or the reference is below 24 years. For more information about the new requirements for financial support and housing, click here.

How to apply

1. Prepare the supporting documents: You have to submit the Cover Letter from the Application Portal, the three last pay slips and the last tax report of the reference, and a statement from the reference describing your relationship. In addition, if you have not already submitted your application for family immigration, you must submit all the documents on the relevant checklist for family immigration. Please do not submit the documents required for a C-visa application when applying for a D-visa.

2. Register an application for a Schengen C-visa in the Application Portal, pay the fee and print out the Cover letter (must always be submitted).

3. Schedule an Appointment in the UDI Application Portal.

4. Hand in in your application with supporting documents at the VFS Global Visa Application Centre in Amman. The VFS will charge a service fee of 23 JOD for receiving the application. 

5. Wait and see if you will be called for an interview at the Embassy. If you have not applied for family immigration to Norway earlier, you will in most cases be called for an interview at the Embassy. The VFS will inform you about the interview time at the Embassy shortly after submitting the application. See our web page about Family Immigration for more information about the interview.  

6. The Embassy will consider your application for an entry visa. The case processing time in D-visa cases is up to 4 months.

7. You will be informed when the decision is made. Collect your passport with a visa or a decision letter at the Visa Application Centre during the opening hours of VFS.

8. Once you know when you will be arriving in Norway, you need to make an appointment with the Police. This appointment should be as soon as possible after your arrival. If you have not applied for family immigration at the Embassy, you must submit an application at the Police.

9. If your application has been rejected, you will receive a written explanation as to why it was rejected. You can appeal the decision. The Embassy will consider your application again. If the Embassy does not grant it, they will send it to the UDI.