Handling procedures for seamen mustering applications

Application for Norwegian Endorsement should be submitted via Norwegian Embassy. Norwegian Maritime Authority issues Norwegian endorsements while Embassy issues CRA - Certificate of Receipt of Application.

If the seaman would like to apply for Norwegian Endorsement, then original seaman's passport, Certificate of Competency, Ukrainian Endorsement, Health certificate should be presented. Prosessing time is 3 working days.

The fee of UAH 1900 should be paid in ProCreditBank branch N6 (103 Peremogy ave, Kyiv ) after all the documents are submitted to the Embassy.

 For Deck Officer, Engineer Officer, Electro-technical Officer (ETO) Certificates and Certificate of Officer on fishing vessels the following shall be submitted when manually applying for endorsement: 

  1. Completed application form
  2. Completed Declaration of competence
  3. Passport photo
  4. Copy of national STCW certificate or STCW-F certificate
  5. For holders of a national certificate issued by a non-EEA maritime authority, the employment agreement has to be submitted as an attachment to the application
  6. If the seafarer is sailing before the endorsement has been issued by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, the CRA shall be attached to the application.
  7. Health Certificate signed by accredited doctor
  8. For foreign Masters, the application process deviates somewhat from other applications. Please see these guidelines for more information

For Tankerman Certificate Highest Grade, the following shall also be submitted when manually applying for endorsement: 

  1. Completed application form
  2. Passport photo
  3. Copy of national STCW certificate for Tankerman Highest Grade.

Note that submitting of correct documents will minimize risk for refusal. If you have questions regarding documents, be sure to contact the Embassy beforehand. You can send e-mail tocons.kyiv@mfa.no or call +38 044 281 22 00 from Monday til Friday between 09.00 and 13.00.

Seaman’s doctors

The list of accredited doctors worldwide is to be found here


Yaroslav Yuzkiv

52, Danylo Shcherbakivsky str., Kyiv, 04111

+38 0677770854


Dr. Igor Strelnik
Odessa National Maritime Academy
10 Malovsky str., Odessa
tel: + 380 48 728 06 92
e-mail: academmarine@yandex.ru


Dr. Bogdan Yurechko
Medical Centre "Medmarin"
58, Lustdorfska road, Odesa
tel: +380 48 234 34 84
e-mail: medmarin@ukr.net