Small-scale grant projects funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine in 2021

The overall small-scale grants budget for UKRAINE for 2021 was 500 000 NOK.

Small-scale grants are managed by the Norwegian Embassy, whereas other projects (more extensive multi-year projects) are administrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway directly. Grants portal provide an overview of grants from the Ministry.

This year the distribution of small-scale grants was based on consultations with Norwegian development programs working in Ukraine in order to create synergies with their cooperating partners. The thematic areas of human rights, strengthening democratic culture, education and professional development, support of regional media were prioritized.

List of the small-scale grant recipients in 2021:

Name of the recipient

Title of the project

Short description of the project

NGO “Integration and   Development Centre for Information and Research (IDCIR)”

“Promoting the development of active citizenship, tolerance and understanding in educational institutions and communities of Ukraine (Part II)”

Promotion of democratic values in educational environment of Ukraine among pre-school educators, primary school teachers, parents of children and pupils through broader introduction of the integrated intercultural programme «Culture of Good Neighbourhood»

NGO “KyivPride”

“Kyiv Pride Awards 2021 ceremony”

Kyiv Pride Awards ceremony is a public event included in Pride month series of events, where persons, who actively assisted Pride movement in Ukraine received official recognition of such efforts by annual awarding from the side of LGBTQI community. The support of the initiative was co-shared with the Embassy of Netherlands and Germany

Akershus University Hospital

"Developing a general web-based tool for training and education about death notification"

Provided and launched web designed tool for death notification, which equip professionals with relevant instrument of psychological assistance aiming the reduce of psycho-emotional complications for people experiencing the loss of loved ones

NGO “Ukraine Crisis Media Center”

“Local media space for a quality and balanced information on reforms”

The goal of the project is to ensure effective coverage, support the discussion and overcoming existing obstacles in implementing reforms at the regional level, obtaining reliable information to overcome public distrust by establishing a systematic, professional, multilateral dialogue between journalists, government and civil society. The target groups of the project include Kherson and Mykolaiv regional journalists, representatives of local authorities and self-governance, civil society organizations/activists/experts, audience of local media resources in the two regions