Addressing plastic pollution 2

Invitation to a Webinar: Addressing plastic pollution in humanitarian operations through innovation partnerships

Please join us in looking at why plastic pollution is a challenge for humanitarian operations, how innovation partnerships can help us find new solutions, and possible ways forward.

This session will present five ongoing innovation projects addressing plastic waste through an innovation partnership approach. The projects that will be presented have taken different approaches to the plastic challenge:

  • How to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in humanitarian operations by developing/ using alternative, more sustainable materials?
  • How to ensure that the products bought are sustainable, repairable and, recyclable, and that local contexts cater for these options?
  • How to set up circular business models that collect and upcycle the plastic to support local economies and communities sustainably?

The lead organisations have all partnered with the private sector in developing the technical solution and business model behind their projects.


1. Welcome by the PM of Norway to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva
2. The plastic challenge in humanitarian response (presented by ICRC)
3. Five projects addressing plastic pitching their projects:
- Care Norway and Denmark
- Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Norway
- International Organization for Migration (IOM)
- The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
- UNHCR Algeria
4. Needs assessment and ecosystem (presented by IOM)
5. A circular approach to the plastic challenge (presented by Care)
6. Private sector cooperation (presented by UNHCR Algeria and their private partners)
7. What should the sector do next, and how do we scale new solutions (presented by EWB)
8. Comments from the audience and Q&A

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The summary and recording will be available here: Addressing plastic pollution in humanitarian operations through innovation partnerships | HNPW 2021 – Geneva Environment Network


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