Recommendations to Bangladesh


44th UPR Session of the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Bangladesh, as delivered by Ms Jannicke GRAATRUD Minister, Deputy Permanent Representative of The Permanent Mission of Norway in Geneva.


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13 November 2023



Norway recognizes the achievements made by Bangladesh in economic development.

Norway remains concerned about the shrinking space for political rights and civil liberties, like freedom of expression.

The upcoming election needs to be free, fair, participatory, and peaceful.

Norway recommends that Bangladesh:

1)      repeal or rewrite the Cyber Security Act as it fails to address
the most problematic aspects of the former Digital Security Act;

2)      ensure safe and enabling environment for human rights defenders and civil society, including cease all acts of reprisals;

3)      further revise the Bangladesh Labour Rules to comply with international labour standards and remove all remaining obstacles to workers' unionization;

4)      revise all legislation related to rape to strengthen the legal protection for victims;

5)      reform the Child Marriage Restraint Act to eliminate exceptions and loopholes that allow for child marriages in certain circumstances.

Thank you