Recommendations to Pakistan


42nd UPR Session of the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Pakistan as delivered by Ms Jannicke Graatrud, Minister, Deputy Permanent Representative.


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30 January 2023


Norway welcomes Pakistan’ re-instatement of the National Commission of Human Rights. We remain concerned about the ongoing lack of access to health, justice, education and economic opportunities for Pakistani women, and the growing intolerance for religious diversity.

Norway recommends that Pakistan:

  1. investigates all reports of intimidation and violence against journalists and human rights defenders, and brings perpetrators to justice;

  2. raises the minimum legal age of marriage to 18 in all provinces and introduces legislation to ensure birth and marriage registration;

  3. implements legal and practical measures to protect all religious minorities or those with differing beliefs from discrimination and persecution, and ensures that religiously motivated violence or incitement to it is subject to investigation and prosecution;

  4. reinstates the official moratorium on the death penalty as a first step towards abolition of the death penalty;

  5. provides adequate human and financial resources to the National Commission for Human Rights.

Thank you.