Recommendations to the Czech Republic



42nd UPR Session of the Human Rights Council

on the human rights situation in Czechia, as delivered by Ms Jannicke Graatrud, Minister, Deputy Permanent Representative.


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23 January 2023



Norway commends the Czech Republic for its efforts to financially compensate Roma women who were forcibly sterilized. In addition, the Action Plan for inclusive education (2017) has improved the integration of Roma children in Czech primary schools.

[However, Roma children are still overrepresented in schools for children with mental disabilities].

Norway recommends that the Czech Republic:

1)      ends the practice of disproportionately enrolling Roma children in so-called practical schools, which only provide a reduced curriculum;

2)      improves the compensation mechanism for Roma women who were forcibly sterilised; 

3)      ensures legal and administrative reforms to guarantee non-discrimination of LGBTQI persons, including by ensuring the right of marriage for same-sex couples, and by abolishing mandatory medical sterilisation for transgender people who are seeking legal gender recognition;

4)      ratifies the Istanbul Convention to strengthen its response to domestic and gender-based violence;

5)      establishes an independent National Human Rights Institution [to promote and protect human rights for all citizens].

Thank you.