Recommendations to Italy

Norway's statement during the 34th UPR session of the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Italy on 4 November 2019. The statement was delivered by Minister Counsellor Anniken Enersen.

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Ensuring a person’s right to an effective remedy by competent national tribunals for acts violating rights, is fundamental in protecting the human rights - and therefore a priority to Norway.

Norway recommends that Italy:

1) Continue to review and implement criminal and civil justice procedures in order to improve the efficiency of the judiciary.

2) Promote gender equality, including combatting discrimination based on sexual orientation, and strengthening the protection of victims of domestic abuse.

3) Undertake further initiatives to address hate speech directed against members of vulnerable groups, and ensure sufficient focus on this topic in the education system.

4) Continue efforts to preserve and protect freedom of speech, especially if it concerns journalists and authors investigating sensitive topics such as corruption, mafia activity and political entities.

Thank you.