Recommendations and Advance Questions for Zambia

Statement delivered by Advisor Marthe Kielland Røssaak, 13 November 2017

Mr President,

(Norway thanks Zambia for submitting its national report.)

(We are pleased to note progress with regards to the right to education and that Zambia since the previous cycle has domesticated the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.)

Norway’s primary concerns relate to the deteriorating space for freedom of assembly and speech (since the run-up to last year’s elections), to the rights of the child and to the follow-up of UPR recommendations.

We recommend that Zambia reforms the Public Order Act and that law enforcement agencies are instructed to uphold the Act without political bias.

We further recommend enhanced protection of the rights of the child, including abolishing child labour, combating malnutrition and shielding child perpetrators during detention.

Finally, Norway recommends Zambia to take concrete step towards the abolition of death penalty.

Thank you.

Advance Questions

  1. Reports of cases of gender-based violence continue to increase and marital rape is de facto still not criminalised. What is Zambia doing to counteract this trend?

  2. Journalists and media houses are subjected to threats, intimidations and violent attacks. How does Zambia intend to protect the space for freedom of speech?

  3. How will the Government of Zambia proceed to ensure that the proposed Bill of Rights is enacted into law?

  4. Why is the Zambia Human Rights Commission not sufficiently funded to carry out its task as a human rights watchdog?