Recommendations and Advance Questions for the Republic of Korea

Statement delivered by Senior Advisor Knut Seim, 9 November 2017

Thank you Mr. President,

Norway welcomes the delegation from the Republic of Korea and the presentation of their report.

Norway congratulates the Republic of Korea on its efforts to implement accepted UPR recommendations. In particular we welcome impressive achievements in the area of the right to assembly.

We recommend that the Republic of Korea adopts a comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Act to protect the human rights of LGBTI individuals and other marginalized groups.

Norway appreciates that death penalty has been de facto abolished since 1997. We recommend that the Republic of Korea move on to de jure abolition of the death penalty. 

Norway welcomes the improvements in the situation for single-parent families, but we remain concerned about discrimination faced by single mothers in particular. We recommend improved enforcement of the Single-Parent Family Support Act.

Thank you.

Advance Questions

  1. How will the Republic of Korea undertake a review to ensure that the Assembly and Demonstration Act is in line with international human rights standards? 

  2. How will the Republic of Korea revise its legislation on abortion to guarantee Korean women’s rights to make their own reproductive choices?