Recommendations and Advance Questions for Peru

Statement delivered by Director Haakon Gram-Johannessen, 8 November 2017

Norway commends Peru’s efforts to protect and promote human rights, including measures taken to reduce poverty, strengthen the rights of women and reduce social inequality.

Norway recommends that Peru take actions to strengthen the implementation of ILO-Convention 169, together with the employment of effective measures to protect the territory of isolated indigenous peoples. This includes revising overlapping land rights to further progress the assigning of territory to indigenous peoples in order to prevent land conflicts.

Norway recommends that Peru intensifies its efforts to protect environmental, indigenous and land rights defenders, in line with the Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, especially regarding the use of force and firearms at public assemblies and protests.

(To promote women’s rights, we recommend Peru to take steps in accordance with the recommendations from the Human Rights Council’s working group on the issues of discrimination against women in law and practice). 

Thank you.

Advance Questions

  1. In the previous UPR cycle in 2012, Peru accepted Norway’s recommendation to take effective steps to ensure that the Peruvian National Police, armed forces, municipal security officers, and prison guards refrain from all cruel and inhuman treatment of citizens and prisoners. Could Peru comment on actions taken to follow-up this recommendation?

  2. Peru has the second largest population of indigenous peoples groups living in voluntary isolation in the world. The establishment and protection of reserves for isolated indigenous peoples where there is evidence of their existence could safeguard them from outside intrusions and is an efficient measure to saving the rainforest they reside in. Will Peru establish new indigenous reserves, and put in place effective measures to strengthen the protection of isolated indigenous peoples’ territories?

  3. Peru is behind the schedule in granting land rights to indigenous peoples and has in the meantime granted land rights and concessions to extractive industries and to individual farmers on the same land. The recent events where six farmers were killed in a land conflict sheds light on the importance of land rights in the Peruvian Amazon. Will Peru implement a land reform with the aim to revise overlapping rights between indigenous peoples’ territories and extractive industries and farmland, and assign rights over land with no designated rights in order to prevent conflict and preserve indigenous peoples’ land rights?

  4. Even though there has been few murders of environmental land defenders in Peru in recent years, there has been some cases. Soweto is the most known at the international level. Which measures are in place to protect defenders of environmental and indigenous rights?