Recommendations and Advance Questions for Guatemala

Statement delivered by Director Haakon Gram-Johannessen, 8 November 2017

Mr President,

Norway welcomes the delegation from Guatemala and the presentation of their report.

Norway commends Guatemala on the progress made by the Public Prosecutor, with support of CICIG, to advance justice and reduce impunity.

We recommend Guatemala to continue the good cooperation with the OHCHR at country level, which has generated concrete results including the development of new jurisprudence in the field of human rights. Moreover, we recommend Guatemala to finalize and implement a national action plan to follow-up the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Norway is concerned about the increased levels of poverty in Guatemala, which is largely concentrated in the provinces with the highest degree of indigenous population. (The State should approach these issues as structural problems that need clear and coherent strategies so that all people can enjoy secure access to adequate food.)  

Norway therefore recommends that Guatemala develop and implement comprehensive and efficient policies to fight poverty and in particular chronic and acute malnutrition.

Thank you.

Advance Questions

  1. What actions has Guatemala taken to comply with the Constitutional Court´s ruling (#4238-2011) to reform the law on radio communication in order to guarantee the proper and free functioning of local radios, including for indigenous people?

  2. What actions has Guatemala taken to reduce the number of aggressions against human rights defenders and to fully implement United Nations resolution 68/181 regarding the protection of women human rights defenders?

  3. According to various sources, the percentage of children under the age of 10 living in conditions of poverty is at alarming heights. What concrete actions is Guatemala taking to reduce this percentage and to stimulate inclusive economic development for their families?