Recommendations to Bahrain

STATEMENT, 1 May 2017

Mr President

Norway recognizes the positive steps taken in order to improve the human rights situation and in particular the creation of various institutions over the past few years.

In line with Norway’s principled view on the use of death penalty, we recommend to commute all death sentences, declare a moratorium on executions and move towards abolition of death penalty.

Norway also recommends Bahraini authorities to investigate all allegations of torture and start prosecuting all individuals found responsible.

Furthermore, we recommend that all individuals, including human rights defenders, having been imprisoned solely due to exercising their fundamental rights of expression and assembly, be released as soon as possible.

Thank you

Advance questions  

1. Until January 2017, Bahrain abided by its moratorium on executions. Could the Bahraini delegation cast any light on why the Government of Bahrain chose to discontinue the moratorium in January 2017?

2. How does Bahrain work to protect human rights defenders (whom are granted special protection under international human rights law)?

3. Has there been consultations with the organisations in the preparation of the UPR report and will civil society be included in the follow-up, and if so, how?